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Giant!America x Reader ch.1 (Request)
    The forest was calm and peaceful. The cool breeze blew against your skin, making you feel refreshed and alive. You loved being able to venture out into the woods where nature seemed to cradle you with care and welcome you with open arms. Even though your parents had always warned you of the monsters that were deep within, you never strayed far from the village. You were careful, but you did explore as much as you could. Even though you knew of the horrors that lurked further within, you always stayed where the bright, warm rays of the sun could reach you, as where the shadows were, the darkness was and no one wanted near the darkness.
    You smiled and stepped carefully along the path, admiring the colorful flowers of all sorts that lined the trail. You heard the chirping and singing of the birds, and the calls of all the woodland creatures that surrounded you. It made you impeccably happy, and you relaxed underneath the warm glow of the sun. Giggling, you wand
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A Christmas Story [AOT x Reader] {Short Fic}
    It was Christmas morning, and your entire bunch of friends were gathered around the tree, passing presents with laughs and smiles all around. People were yelling with joy and hugging each other tight, a clutter of wrapping paper and ripped boxes scattered around your living room floor. You didn't mind the mess, it was an easy clean up and it was Christmas, after all. 
    You giggled as Eren and Jean were bickering over who gave you the better present. You had gotten what you wanted from both of them, but of course as always they needed to out-do each other in some way or another. You simply rolled your eyes and ignored them as Mikasa thanked you quietly and embraced you after she opened her gift from you. You smiled at her, and looked around at all your friends.
    Armin was trying to read his newest book but Hanji was tugging it away from him with a loud laugh, handing him her present. He smiled a little with a small sigh, and started to open t
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Eren x Clumsy!Reader {Lucky Charm}
    Though the mall you walked, bags in hand. You had taken yourself out on a shopping spree after saving up money over several months, and you had most definitely enjoyed it. You hummed to yourself as you tried finding your way through the crowds of people and confusing signs. The few bags in your arms were starting to get a bit heavy, and you just wanted to get home and enjoy what you had gotten, but just your luck; you were lost.
    With a sigh you sat your bags down beside a bench and tried to see where you were. You spun in a circle, lightly grasping the small charm hanging on a silver chain around your neck. It was a shiny little flower charm, with colored jewels. It was nothing extravagant, but it meant the whole world to you. Your mother had given it to you as a child, and you had cherished it ever since. If it was ever out of your sight you'd freak out. It was your special lucky charm.
    As you stepped a little ways out to glance around the cor
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Marco x Reader {Bumping}
    'I've gotta hurry or I'm gonna be late!'

    You were in a frantic rush, carrying your books and binders as you rushed down the street to school. Usually you took the bus because, obviously, that was faster, but today you had woken up late and missed it, so now it was about a mile or so run through the neighborhood to your school.
    Your heart was pumping, blood roaring in your ears. Your arms nearly ached from the tight grip you had on your binders but you ignored that, dashing down the road and taking sharp turns in order to get to school on time. 
    Looking down at your watch, you saw that you had just a small margin of 3 minutes to make it to class on time. Panicking more than before, your backpack bounced with your steps as you pushed yourself to run faster. You didn't want to be late to class or see the disappointed look on your teacher's face or have to deal with everyone staring as you took the wal
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Mommy!Reader x Child!ADHD!Belarus [Scatterbrained]
    You sighed, putting your hands on your hips as you surveyed the destroyed living room. Various toys and outfits were scattered across the floor, with food and drinks all over the coffee table thanks to your young daughter. You brushed your hair back before getting to work, quickly picking up toys and putting them in the chest against the wall. Next you gathered up all the clothes and folded them neatly in a stack on the couch before getting all the food and drinks to the kitchen.
    There. Now it was all straightened up. You walked  back into the living room to grab the folded clothes and take them to Natalya's room. Quietly, you pushed open the door and smiled when you saw her asleep in her bed. You organized the clothes back into her drawers before sneaking over and planting a soft kiss on her forehead. She mumbled in her sleep, rolling over.
    You laughed lightly, tugging up the covers a little more before brushing her platinu
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Levi x Reader {Perfect Mornings}
   The sky was waking up, turning an icy blue color that glowed brighter with each passing minute. It called to you, and you couldn't resist sliding out of bed and disappearing behind the curtains. You hadn't slept anyways.
    You sighed with adoration as you gazed at the waking sky. On the horizion rested a lovely coral colored strip that set off the blue tint. There were no clouds in sight, and it looked as if it would be a gorgeous day. You wanted to be out with nature as it awoke, so with one last glance at your sleeping husband, you quickly and quietly snuck out of the house.
    With a smile on your lips, you shut the door behind you. With nothing but a simple tank top and some sleeping shorts on, you stepped onto the dew-cloaked grass. The air was chilly enough that goosebumps arose on your skin, but not so that your breath was visible. It was perfect to you. Every morning was perfect.
    Your feet were chilled and damp, b
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Minecraft Skeleton x Reader [Cave Noises]
   You grabbed one more iron pickaxe before you stepped out of your cozy oak wood house, ready for a day of mining.
    There was a cave near your house that you'd been wanting to explore, but you never found the time due to the time it took to settle into your home and collect the necessary resources for comfortable living. Now that you had some free time, you had thouroughly prepped for a cave adventure. You had many stone picks and three iron ones, a few iron swords, extra stone and wood blocks, food, and lots of torches. You were set.
    With a skip in your step you made your way through the forest. You had memorized the path since you wanted to keep the cave in mind. It seemed deep and you had a good feeling about what resided in there. Of course, you knew there were many dangers as well. Mobs, lava, getting lost, all of those posibilities were bound to come up, but you were ready for anything.
    It wasn't too long of a wal
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Ticci Toby x Reader [Birthday Cake]
   The day was bright and you lay asleep in your bed. A small whisper made you stir and you yawned, your eyes blinking open. They watered a bit so you rubbed them, unable to contain a second yawn. Sitting up slowly, you looked over and saw everyone gathered beside your bed. Before you could say anything, they all shouted with glee.
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ______!" Confetti was thrown and a few balloons floated toward the ceiling, and you smiled widely.
    "Aww, thanks you guys." You said, your voice still rough from sleep. It was sweet of all the Creepypastas to do this.
    After they all wished you a happy birthday once more, they left your room to start on their daily duties. Toby, however, was still there after everyone was gone, and you gave him a smile.
    "Hey Toby, what's up?" You asked him. He gave a little wave, twitching slightly before he walked closer. You stretched your arms out with another yawn, licking
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The Crystal Gems! [Romano x Child!Reader]
    "Lovi, Lovi! Come watch T.V with me!" You cried from your spot on the couch. Your all time favorite show was coming on and you desperately wanted Lovino to watch it with you.
    "Bella, I'm cleaning right now." He said from the kitchen, scrubbing at the counters. 
    "But Lovi!" You whined, crawling up to peek over the couch. "Please? It's a good show!" You heard the commercials ending and you jumped. "Come on Lovi!"
    The brunet sighed, setting down the wash cloth and walking out to the living room. He settled himself beside you and you grinned widely at him, scooting closer as the intro began to play. You sang along to the song, your eyes sparkling.
"We are the crystal gems. We'll always save the day, and if you think we can't we'll always find a way. That's why the people of this world believe in; Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. And Steven!"
    Lovino sat through the episodes, unknowingly getting hooked on them
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Prussia x Reader {Cold Nights}
    It's freezing. That much is obvious when it's nighttime during the winter. Why did the heater have to break now? At the worst possible time? Ugh, so stupid.
    You shivered in your bed, your body heat insufficient in keeping you warm, even with your numerous blankets piled on top of you. You wondered how Gilbert was doing out on the couch. Poor guy was probably freezing, too.
    The albino had hung out at your house all day like he usually did on the weekends, and he'd gone back to his house only to find his brother out with the door locked and his keys inside. He'd returned to your apartment and you let him stay for the night.
    You couldn't sleep when it was cold. The chilly air was too harsh and biting for you to be comfortable. You preferred a nice, warm place to sleep, and you would've had one if your stupid heater hadn't broke. When was the maintenance guy supposed to come
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Eren x Poor!Reader [Generosity]
Fact: Poor people are more generous than the rich.
It was a chilly January morning, and Eren was off to the bus stop to catch a ride to his college. It wasn't very far, but Eren was not about to walk the distance in this cold weather. He'd woken up late today, and had only a few minutes to get ready for the day that morning. He'd been in such a rush all he had was a t-shirt and jeans. He'd forgotten his scarf and jacket, and he was freezing.
    "Stupid weather..." He mumbled, carrying his bag on one shoulder with both his hands stuffed deep into his pockets. His shoulders were hunched up and he tried to keep his body heat in, but it wasn't working.
    He watched as wealthy citizens passed, donning large fur coats and expensive scarves and hats. He snorted, rolling his eyes. He had an average income, and it wasn't like he hated all rich people, he just didn't like the way they flaunted their money. Especially since there were homeless people on
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Punk!Levi x Ballerina!Reader [Twirling] Modern AU
    You sighed, smiling happily as you finished your twirl, officially ending your routine for the day. You breathed in and out evenly, calming your racing heart before you gathered your bag and waved goodbye to your fellow dancers. They all said their farewells and you trotted out of the studio.
    You giggled as you spotted your punk boyfriend Levi across the street, a cigarette burning between his lips. He vowed never to be caught dead outside your dance studio. You glanced both ways before rushing across the road toward him.
    "Levi~!" You smiled at him, unknowingly melting his heart just a bit more than you already had.
    "Hey." He responded simply, tapping the ash from the cancer stick before he put his arm around your waist. You smiled and leaned against him and both of you began walking toward the apartment.
    "Guess what we learned today!" You said, smiling up at him. He raised a brow, glancing at your white tutu.
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Germany x Reader [The Darkness]
    She stared into the darkness.
    There was nothing to be seen. With a blanket clutched to her chest, she stood in the hall outside her bedroom door. His door was just a few steps away... in the dark... where the monsters lurked...
    Oh God.
    The girl swallowed, trembling in her spot. She wanted to run away, but she didn't dare move. She couldn't go back to her bed either, she wouldn't sleep at all even though she was dead tired. She needed him, but she couldn't wake him. This wasn't the plan at all.
    She thought she could make it, his door was right there. She thought she could walk to his door and quietly get into bed with him and sleep. It wasn't that simple. His door was so close, but it was being consumed by the evil of the night. Plus, if she moved a single muscle, something might notice her. That would not be good.
    Gripping the blanket as if it were her life line, she tried to focus solely on the
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Insane!Reader x SNK Various [Sanity is Overrated]
Your friends stared at you as you sat, well, more like vibrated, on the other side of the thick glass. You stared at them with blank, wide eyes and small, dilated pupils. They all gazed at you, concern on their faces. You suddenly smiled widely, creepily, and the speaker picked up your shaky voice.
    "I had a pun about insanity," You began quietly. "But I lost it."
    No one laughed.
    They all just stared at you worriedly. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Marco, Connie, Sasha, Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie, Erwin, Hanji, and even Levi were there. You were surprised they were all allowed to see you. Your messed up mind couldn't linger on it for long, though.
    You shrugged off their silence, jerking your neck when you twitched. Your hair was messy and your clothes were wrinkled and stretched with loose threads.
    What had happened?
    Stress, pain, death happened. What's worse is that they were all
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Romano x Reader [Simply Swaying]
    Humming a tune, you swished around the kitchen, sweeping the floor and generally cleaning your apartment. You had your hair tied up in your favorite style, and once the floor was all cleaned up you smiled and leaned on the broom.
    An unexpected knock sounded on your door, and you raised a brow before setting the broom aside and dusting yourself off. You trotted over to the door and opened it.
    You didn't expect to see your boyfriend Lovino. He'd said he was busy with his shift at work today.
    "Lovi?" You were the only one who got away with calling him that. "What are you doing here?"
    He sighed. "My shift got taken over and Feli is out with friends. I got bored."
    You smiled, leaning against the door frame. "So I only get to hang out with you when you're bored?"
    Lovino's cheeks flushed a light pink. "No!" He said firmly. "You know that's not true."
    You giggled and patted his warm
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Steal My Girl [Denmark x Reader] ((Songfic))
She been my queen since we were sixteen,
We want the same things, we dream the same dreams, 
Alright... Alright...

    "Oh! And look at that one! Isn't it pretty? Wow..." Mathias smiled at your childish giddiness as you observed the Clouded Leopards at the zoo. It was a nice day, and you wanted to go to the zoo. Your boyfriend Mathias agreed, saying he wanted to see the new Tiger exhibit anyways, and it was set.
    Mathias sighed softly as your eyes gleamed with pure happiness. He loved it when you smiled, he loved everything about you. Your big, sweet eyes, your silky locks of hair, your fair, flawless skin, you were perfect in his eyes.
    You were also perfect in other people's eyes as well.
    He always noticed other guys staring at you, ogling you right in front of him. Of course, you always managed to find a way to be distracted, so you never noticed, but he did.
    It was annoying. 
    You were his
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i. the first time i cut my hair was when i was seven years old.
my best friend cut her hair to her shoulders, 
and i envied her;
i had always been told my long blonde hair was to be taken care of
and kept long and beautiful.
but i did not feel beautiful.
for the next five days i pestered my mother about a haircut.
you're seven, she told me, you don't know what you're saying.
but i persisted,
and eventually she wore down.
the whole way to the great clips down the street i talked about how pretty my hair would be
and how my best friend and i would look even more like sisters.
they had cut my hair up to the bottom of my neck and it was choppy at the ends.
i beamed when the lady spun me around in my chair
but it had been done wrong.
i looked nothing like my friend and the look on my mother's face
made my heart jump into my throat.
the car ride back home was quiet.
ii. by the time i was eight i'd taken matters into my own hands.
we were doing an activity in class whe
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an open letter
hi mom
i'm sorry
i think for a while you've been disappointed
not to my face, you're too kind to do that
it's quieter, observing
waiting for me to say something
i've been better, usually
recently iris and i broke up and i talked with you about it
i changed my mind
i miss her
i know you didn't expect any of this when you held me sixteen years ago
when i weighed only six pounds and my whole hand could barely fit around one of your fingers
i know you didn't expect your baby to want to kill herself
i don't know what to do
i'm not doing much better anymore
hi rachel
thank you
i feel selfish for contacting you only when i need help, you deserve better than to be just used as a therapist
but thank you, your words and that phone call last week helped
you helped me get over iris
for a time, i guess, but it helped
thank you
i love you, just so you know
thank you
hi kendall
jesus christ what happened
a lot of people have fucked me up but shit your name always ends up engraved on that golden troph
:iconinkystardust:inkystardust 5 4
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Hey guys, hope you all are doing really well and had a wonderful Valentine's day. I have been meaning to write for a while now, and unfortunately didn't get anything out this Valentine's day. It's been hard for me these last few weeks and sadly I've been a bad slump I can't seem to get out of. I'm trying my best though so I hope my Writer's Block goes away soon so that I can write more for you guys. I really want to, you know, cause you guys have always been good to me and you deserve really good fanfics and stuff to read so you guys can be happy or fuzzy inside ya know? At least I hope I can convey those emotions to you! Hahaha, anyways, it's 11:50 for me right now and I'm dearly sorry for the lack of activity and no Valentine's fics for you guys. Thanks for your support though, and I'm really thankful if you're watching me. Have a good day, evening, or night my friends <3
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Ok, can you do Hetalia america x reader fanfic about america as a gaint and one day found the reader and trouble and then he saved and they both fall in love over and for some way for america to shink down to the reader's size or for they reader to grow to america's size, i know this may be a weird request but i always had this idea in my head and i never saw a fanfic about so yeah, also please don't make it into that wierd fanfic where he eats her or something, also can you make this into a make fantasy like fanfic since it's going to involve gaints and humans and stuff, also if you want to talk more about this then please comment me and sorry about the long comment i just wanted to be as pacific as possible, also thanks 
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Oh that's alright, um I am sure I could try? Um if you could explain a little more about the setting, that would help me out. I'm glad you were specific about it though, and I must inform you that it may take me a while to get it finished cause it's a little complex and I don't have much time because of outside things.
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